Hi, my name is Vladimir Hrynchenko

I am professional Athlete and former Cirque du Soleil artist.
I performed and worked all over the world, in traditional circus and in contemporary shows.
I am living in Ottawa and my goal is to create an ideal, frendly and welcoming environment for Recreational and Professional circus training in Ottawa for all interested.
Graduated from Kiev National Circus college.
Handbalancing teacher in ESAC (Belgium) 2003-2004
Since 2007 I was working with Cirque du Soleil  Special events and then with Cirque du Soleil Touring show named “OvO”, I performed my signature solo handbalancing act and tour with Cirque all around the world.
I have very good relations with various European Circus schools, so we will have a great opportunity to share experiences. As an example – our partner, biggest Circus school in Finland – Circus Helsinki, where I had a privilege to be a coach. Another example ESAC (Ecole Superior des Arts du cirque) in Brussels where I was a handbalancing coach back in 2003-2004
If you are passionate about circus art and handbalancing, and wish to learn or improve your skills, come and join me!
​Circus is open for everyone!


Fitness, Ballet Barre Fitness, Yoga Stretching and Mobility